We started our prodigious work in March 2009. Our factory, which is for the most part hand-build, is now finished. We are well-familiarized with the qualities of our product's main ingredient - the wood, and we are well-acquainted with music and musical instruments. We understand that these three elements depend on each other: good quality instruments are made of good wood, and a virtuos musical performance can be achieved exclusively with the finest musical instruments. With this philosophy in mind, our purpose is to deliver quality sound and sensation from the ground up.

Any musical instrument should not only sound great but should also look and feel incredible. It should have a piece of You in it! - Your dream guitar. We believe in the magic of aesthetics and the desire within each of us to express ourselves. Accordingly, we provide options for customization in terms of shape, type of wood, hand-painted illustrations, engravings, accessories, electronic parts and more.

In their constant pursuit for perfection, people started to create. Their creations, in turn, have developed their intellects, perpetually making new generations more and more creative. The features of humans have evolved: sensitivity, perseverance, taste for beauty or ugly, etc. In combination with technology, modern instruments have emerged, which by the hand of talented pursuers have continually advanced, creating new styles, custom shapes, and bringing happiness and spirituality. Our creations are top of the line, combining the latest trends and the field with the utmost level of creativity!

My name is Cristian Sandu aka Electroputere and I have only one advice for you: buy yourself a guitar! Music is a healing for the soul so a guitar will bring you happiness, satisfaction, joy and why not, maybe a girlfriend from time to time :) I'm joking of course, but that doesn't mean that a guitar can not also do that.

Criman guarantees for the quality of our touched or manufactured musical instruments. Our experience in the music field and in the 'wood world' helps us combine the resonance of the best piece of wood with exceptional electronic components, resulting in a sound that either makes you rise from the chair or give you the "chicken skin" feelings. You do not have to believe a word, with a phone call our custom guitars can be tested in our studio, a recording studio of course. If you have inspiration we can also record the moment.

It's easy to order any work at Criman. Why? Because we answer the phone, you can call us all day long and we also promise to provide answers by email. Contact us by phone or send us an e-mail. Let's first decide when we can meet at our workshop to put together all the details. We are good friends of wood and music. By puting this two together we created some musical instruments that look and sound amazing. We treat every project with seriosity, responsability and respect because we strongly believe that without a serious dose of profesionalism you can not achive high levels and, trust us, we are for sure mountain people, we damn hate the hills or mediocracy.

What are you waiting for? Your dream guitar is one step away from you! Challenge us with some crazy ideas :)

Bine ati venit!

1978 - 1980 - Chitarist formatia ELTH04
1980 - 1981 - Instrumentist Fanfara Militara si Formatia de Muzica Usoara
1980 - 1981 - Chitarist formatia Onix (formatie alcatuita din elevi ai Scolii Militare de Muzica)
1982 - 1988 - Chitarist formatia Timpuri Noi
1988 - 1990 - Chitarist formatia Kripton
1991 - Chitarist formatia Timpuri Noi
1991 - Regizor evenimente artistice Cipru si Turcia
1992 - 1996 - Regizor evenimente artistice Romania
1996 - Regizor evenimente artistice Italia
1997 - Realizator proiect muzical Monte Cristo - album "Relax!"
2004 - 2005 - Director Artistic Centrul Cultural Mihai Eminescu
2003 - 2006 - realizator proiect muzical Solaria - album "Simtul iubirii"
2001 - 2005 - key-board man formatia Partizan
2007 - Director Artistic Fundatia Romaneasca pentru Arta si Informatie
1998 - 2007 - Director compartiment creatie Studio Muzical Tracktor - realizare opera muzicala "Muc cel Mic"; realizare proiect muzical pentru copii "Fata de pe Marte" pentru ProTV
2007 - maine - LET THERE BE CRIMAN

Cristi Sandu Fondator, Criman-omul

Incantata de cunostiinta!

Expozitii personale si colective de grafica in România, Ungaria, Israel, Statele Unite ale Americii, Suedia. Membră a Asociaţiei Prietenii Artei din Naharyia, Israel; Membră a Asociaţiei Ilustratorilor din Israel; Expoziţie alături de artista Liliane Csuka din Franţa; Expoziţie de grafică- Clădiri ale Comunităţii Evreiesti, “Cădere în oglindă”, “Memoria pietrei”, "Artişti evrei contemporani”, "Artişti evrei din Bucureşti”, "Stele evreiesti", Eshet Hail, “O femeie de valoare”, "Dialog in oglinda"; Lucrare de grafică, caştigătoare a concursului organizat de Asociaţia ilustratorilor din Israel şi prezentare organizate la Centrul Beit Ariella din Tel Aviv, Israel; Expoziţie la Centrul Cultural al Republicii Ungare din Bucureşti.
Alte activităţi: Ilustraţie in revista culturala “Mult es Jovo”, Budapesta, Ungaria; Design afiş şi invitaţii piesa de teatru; Grafică pentru vol. “Muzeul Apei din Cluj”; Decoruri pentru spectacolele; Grafică, colaborare la revista “Interetnica”, Cluj; Cover pentru CD-uri; Scenografie spectacole dans sportiv; Colaborare cu revista Maximum din Israel; Grafică pentru site-ul Şcolii Pia Brătianu; Creaţie bijuterii unicat; Scenografia spectacolului de coregrafie KAIROS, premiat cu Premiul pentru cel mai bun spectacol coregrafic la Gala Absolvenţilor UNATC 2013; din 2011 alaturi de CRIMAN.
Domeniu muzical: Membră a cenaclului de muzică folk şi poezie “Reflexe”; membră a corului Liceului Nicolae Bălcescu din Cluj-Napoca; membră/solistă a Corului Talmud Tora; membră a Corului Comunităţii Evreieşti din Bucureşti; solistă a grupului vocal Gan Hashirim; membră a Corului Centrului Comunitar Evreiesc Bucureşti; solistă a Corului Yahad; membră a grupului vocal Yiddishe Mame; interpret vocal de muzică clasică.

Eli Salamon Artist plastic


Docan Dragos

Why choose Criman?


Every musical instrument is a part of the musician and we are the best to understand that because we are also musicians. Art is created by the artist, right? Play with the players then! Tell us more about you and your dream guitar, we are extremely creative when music starts!


We understand very well how busy is a musician's life so we are never late! We set together a deadline and we will make it. We can even keep your instrument warm for the show if you want :) Musical instruments are treated like kings at our place! You can consider send your guitar to Criman when you send your wife to spa, you will have the same results: happy wife, happy friend!