Who is Criman?
Criman - The Man is Cristian Sandu aka Electroputere, musician, guitarist, music producer, tribe chief and Menumorut's master (Menumorut - the tomcat). Long story short: Criman is a player! The Criman team is a gang, a family! We have a craftsman, we have music, we have colors, paintings and graphics, we have marketing and we have IT! We have all we need to make great things happen.
Why Criman?
Because we love what we do and that means that great things are created by our hands. Come with faith!
How Criman guitars are made?
At first we choose the wood. Then we write down your ideas and our ideas. After we put all the things together we start the creation. Of course after we play some music, we can-not possibly work without music, even thought sometimes we hear it without even play it :) How we work? With our hands of course. There is no serial production at Criman, every musical instrument is touched with the delicacy of a human hand. Yes, the beautiful side lies in the shade of 'handmade'! The machines just help sometimes. The important thing about handcrafting is that every guitar is unique because a human's hand can hardly create the exact same thing twice and because even the wood is every time different as texture, color etc.
How does Criman measure quality?
Criman guarantees for the quality of our touched or manufactured musical instruments. Our experience in the music field and in the 'wood world' helps us combine the resonance of the best piece of wood with exceptional electronic components, resulting in a sound that either makes you rise from the chair of give you the "chicken skin" feelings. You do not have to believe a word, with a phone call our guitars can be tested in our studio, a recording studio of course. If you have inspiration we can also record the moment.
How do I order a work?
It's easy to order any work at Criman. Why? Because we answer the phone, you can call us all day long and we also promise to provide answers by email. Contact us by phone or send us an e-mail. Let's first decide when we can meet at our workshop to put together all the details and where you can also see some of our works, you can even test them to convince yourself.
How long will the guitar stand in the Criman workshop?
How long it should, but no more than we have established toghether. Punctuality is one of the key features of Criman's character. If you hurry, we will be in a hurry, there is no possibility that you can not go with your instrument to the show because your lady is not ready. Depending on the complexity of the project, the period of staying may be extended from 1 to 30 days, but you do not have to worry, your guitar will be treated as a queen every time it visits Criman Workshop.
Why sign up for the Criman community?
Your subscription to the newsletter, implicit in the Criman community does not result in filling your Inbox with emails from us but occasionally receiveing the latest news about Criman works, special invitations to the events we organize, as well as receiving gifts and discounts offered to members only. We believe that through this enrollment, we can get to know each other, we all love music and musical instruments, we are automatically friends.