Satisfaction, joy, happiness, smile, these are the usual reactions that we receive from our clients, our friends. We thank you all for trust! You let your musical instruments in our hands and we are honoured that the result was every time as expected. Here are a part of Criman friends, the part that wanted to be photographed by us :)

Eugen Mihaescu - Kripton

Spider guitar by CRIMAN

Sabin Taranu - Blue Spirit

Sabinus Barboni Bass - restoration and tuning by Criman.

Cristian Ion- Tibi - Aura

Nikita Bass - tuning and restoration by Criman.

Vasile Malic

Bouzoukia - restoration by Criman.

Catalin Razvan

Yamaha Blue Guitar - restoration by Criman.

Adi Manolovici

Grossman Guitar - Floyd Rose repair and Fretboard Setup

Adrian Chepa

Roadstar si Ibanez SR - restoration and tuning by Criman.

Adi de la Valcea

Fender Stratocaster - tuning by Criman.

Radu Cartianu

Tracktor Basic Domination - tuning and restoration by Criman.

Ce zic muzicienii?:

Docan Dragos

De ce sa alegi Criman?


Every musical instrument is a part of the instrumentalist and we are the best to understand that because we are also musicians. Art is created by the artist, right? Play with the players then! Tell us more about you and your dream guitar, we are extremely creative when music starts!


Each part of a piece of wood, every instrument that needs a doctor, every part of a musical instrument gets all the attention and delicacy in handling, treatment or construction. We are responsible!


We have at least one thing in common with you: we really love music and the instruments that create music. We are friendly, some say we are actually very nice :)