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BEST BASS GEAR is the meeting place for charismatic bass guitars from the whole world.

The “Bass Guitar of the Week” contest is a great opportunity for all that are interested to propose, admire, and vote for these instruments with distinctive voices, and voluptuous shapes. Criman Guitars participated in this week’s contest, organized by BEST BASS GEAR, with the “Criman Tracktor Aqua” guitar and… YES! -  we are announcing with pride that Aqua has won the title of Bass of the Week! You can celebrate with us and familiarize yourself with Aqua on the event organizer’s website: https://www.bestbassgear.com/ebass/bass-of-the-week/bass-of-the-week-sandu-christians-custom-built-bass.html


At the high temperature of the stage, in the fire of the show, the wood seems to melt into a huge drop of pure water sneaked through the strong and old tree bark. When the strings vibrate, the sound rich in harmonics and sensations makes you think about the small magic drop that, falling in the ocean, sometimes starts the storm!

Name: Tracktor Aqua
Type Unique Handcrafted Custom Bass
Scale: 34"
Pickups Seymour Duncan
Frets: Wide/Highest, 18% nickel

Body: Cherry
Fingerboard: Bubinga
Neck: laminated- Maple, wenge, padouk, zebrano

Color: Natural wood and transparent resin.
Specials: Wood inlaid with glow in the dark resin for a great night effect. Handmade glow in the dark control knobs made of resin. Part of the body is made of transparent resin for an amazing water effect.
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